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Home >> China City Guide >> Yunnan >> Shangri-La >> Meili Snow Mountatin tourist information

Meili Snow Mountatin

Meili Snow Mountain in Shangri-La
Meili Snow Mountain
Meili Snow Mountain in China Zhongdian
Meili Snow Mountain in Yunnan

Meili Snow Mountain in the east suburb of Diqing County is known for its main peak, the Kagebo, which at an elevation of 6,470 meters above sea leavel is the tallest in Yunnan. It is extolled as the "most beautiful mountain in the world". This Kagebo Peak is surrounded with 13 lesser peaks, and at its foot lays a modern monsoon maritime glacier, a geographical rarity, given its low latitude and high altitude. On the southern side of the main peak, a waterfall - known as "a deluge of rain and god - mandated cascade" among the local people - tumbles down from a breath - taking height of 1,000 meters. Despite the fact that man has long conquered Mount Qomolangma, the top of the Kagebo Peak, protected by perpendicular cliffs and foul climate, is yet to be visited by a human soul.

Meili Snow Mountatin(also called Prince Snow Mt.) is seated at the west end of the White Horse Snow Mountain, higher and more elegant compared with the White Horse. The local Tibetans regard it as a Holy Mountain. Each year in autumn, the Tibetan people come from far and near gathering here for Hajj the Prince Snow Mountain.

The best season for visiting the Prince Snow Mountain is in the fall time and it must be clear day. The snow-capped Meili Mountains, who's every peak, is the subject of an enchanting tale. The glacier at the foot of the peak extends 11,000 feet downward to a surprisingly low level, seeming to plunge into the Lancang (Mekong) River.

In Tibet, there are 13 holy mountains, among them, Meili Snow Mt. is regarded as No.1 because it is the only male, in Tibetan legend, the main peak of Meili, Kawagebo, is a handsome prince. Every year in autumn, the Tibetans from Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai and Tibet will take a pilgrimage trekking around the holy mountain, to worship the prince, to pray for good future. To many Tibetans, this pilgrim is the most important thing in their life, because they believe, trekking once they can get a lifetime's peace and safe, if they can make this trekking for 3 times in this life, then they can go to the paradise after this life.

Meili Mountain has long been famous for its Kang Karpo Peak, which, at 6,740 meters above sea level, is Yunnan's tallest. Thirteen lesser peaks, each more than 6,000 meters above sea level, surrounds Kang Karpo Peak, which looks like it is being covered in gold as the sun rises in the east, just as the British writer James Hilton describes in his famous book "The Lost Horizon."

Although humans have long since conquered Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, no one has yet to climb the Kang Karpo Peak, which is protected by perpendicular cliffs and a treacherous climate. Since 1902, mountaineers from China, Great Britain, the United States and Japan all have failed to conquer the summit. In 1991, 17 mountaineers from China and Japan lost their lives while trying to reach the peak, marking the greatest tragedy in the history of mountaineering in China.

The Kang Karpo Peak remains mysterious and elusive to most visitors not only for being an unvisited peak, but also because of constantly being shrouded by clouds and mist. If you've got the time and the patience to struggle through the haze, the gorgeous view is definitely worth it.

Under the Kang Karpo Peak, the Mingyong and Sinong glaciers stretch down to the forest at an elevation of 2,700 meters, only 800 meters from Lancang River. These glaciers, as permanent and modern monsoon maritime glaciers with such low latitude and high altitude, are geographical rarities and are definitely worth a visit.

On the southern side of the main peak, a waterfall, known among the locals as "a deluge of rain and God-mandated cascade", tumbles down from a breathtaking height of 1,000 meters.

Trekking between the mountains is a pure joy. The mountains possess some of the region's highest levels of plants and diversity and also provides habitat for many wild animals. Breathing the extremely fresh air, you can sense a oneness with nature.

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