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Sandouping, Yichang tour China travel Hubei trips
Sandouping, Yichang tour China travel Hubei tours
Sandouping, Yichang travel China tour Hubei tours

Sandouping is a town in Yiling District of Yichang city in the Chinese province of Hubei. It is located on the right (southern) bank of the Yangtze River, next to Yiling District's border with Zigui County to the west. Sandouping is best known as the location of the Three Gorges Dam which is the world's largest electricity-generating plant of any kind. The dam site is 27 miles upstream from Yichang City proper, at Sandouping Village, inside the first of the Three Gorges. It is planned to be by far the largest hydroelectric project in the world.

Upon arrival at Sandouping, passengers will take a bus across the Three Gorges Bridge which leads toward the top of the hill for a birds-eye view of the construction from the observation deck. Visitors will observe the five-step ship lock, the diversion canal, the dam in construction, and the power station. English speaking professional guides will be on hand to provide detailed information on the history of the dam and facts on its construction. In addition, an exhibition room displays a model of the dam, and offers passengers another opportunity to ask questions and learn about the benefits of this amazing project.

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