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Home >> China City Guide >> Xi'an >> Huaqing Hot Spring

Huaqing Hot Spring

China Xi'an tour to Huaqing Hot Spring
Xi'an China of Huaqing Hot Spring

Situated at the northern foot of Mt. Lishan in Lintong County, 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from Xi'an City, Huaqing Hot Spring (Huaqing Pool) is famed for both its dainty spring scenery and the colorful history behind the area. Today this is a favorite site for Chinese tourists, many of whom enjoyed bathing in the perfectly clear mineral water of everflowing. According to historical records, the spring was discovered during the Western Zhou Dynasty about 3000 years ago. Over the periods of wars, the original construction was ruined. The buildings of the present were all rebuilt according to the layout recorded by history in 1959. Since ancient times, Huaqing Hot Spring has been a tourist attraction. In the stone cave lies the existing round pool with the radius of about 1 meter. The water is clear and transparent with steams rising above and ripples gurgling underfoot. There are four sources of springs. With an even temperature of 43 degree (109 F), the water of the hot spring is everflowing. Water originating from four springs reaches a discharge level of 112 tons per hour.

One of the spring sources was discovered in the 11th century BC of Western Zhou Dynasty (771B.C.), and the other three were opened after libration. The hot springs have an overall flow of over 100 tons an hour and a constant temperature of 43¡ã. The spring water contains varieties of minerals and organic materials such as limes, sodium carbonate, silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide, sodium dioxide, sulfer, sodium sulfate and so on, which makes it suitable for bathing and the treatment of quite a few diseases such as dermatosis, rheumatism arthritis, and muscular pain. With an area of more than 3,000 square meters, Huaqing Hot Spring possesses bathing pools of over 100 and can hold about 400 people for bath per time.

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