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Home >> Health & Hygiene

Health & Hygiene

1 Better not drink the tap water straightly, drink boiled water or bottled mineral water
2 Ailments such as sore throats and cough are possible because of the changeful climate
3 Better get accident and medical insurance before you come to china
4 It is advised to have a thorough medical checkup before you start your long term travel
5 Better have Tetanus , typhoid, rabies and hepatitis vaccinations befroe you come to china
6 Better take precautionary measures if you want to go to remote areas of south china
7 Make sure that you carry an adequate supply if you need special medicine
8 Better not go to travel if you are in poor health or pregnant
9 Better take some anti-diarrhea capsules
10 If you feel uncomfortable on your tour better to see doctor immediately
11 Some places such as Tibet, Xijiang, yunnan have high altitudes so better not to travel those places if you have heart disease or high blood pressure
12 Better take your own own sanitary necessities if you go to the public toilet
13 Make sure you have enough time to take a rest during the tour so as to avoid becoming exhausted

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