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Notes for Foreigners to China

Foreigners in China are required to abide by the law and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

1. The applicant shall check the validity and number of entries of his or her visa before visiting China, and those whose visas have expired or exceeded the maximum number of entries are required to re-apply for a visa.

2. Foreigners who carry such things as animals, plants and currencies to enter China must abide by relevant Chinese laws, as well as regulations related to frontier health and quarantine, animal and plant inspection and quarantine, customs and financial regulatory authorities.

3. Foreigners shall not be engaged in activities which are incompatible with the purpose of journey stated with applying the visa.

4. Foreigners are not permitted to overstay in China. Foreigners shall pay attention to the validity of their passports and the duration of stay stated on their visas. If they want to stay in China longer, foreigners shall apply for an extension of the duration of their stay at local public security authorities before their visas expire.

5. Foreigners who intend to travel in cities and counties not open to foreigners shall apply for permission in advance at local municipal or county public security authorities. Foreigners are not allowed to places that are not open to foreigners unless the acquire special permission.
On the following occasions, foreigners may be refused to board a flight, enter the border of China or be punished: without applying a Chinese visa except those who exempted from visa application; holding invalid visa to China; overstaying in China; and holding expired passport.

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