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China Entertainment & Recreation

The Chinese performing art is as wondrous and as rich as the Chinese culture with its accumulated treasures of age. The Chinese folklore is alive and kicking, with all manner of festivals observed by the nation's many ethnic peoples. The hospital Chinese love to amuse their guests with recreational activities steeped either in tradition or modern chic.

Theatre in China
Visitors in China are enthralled by the traditional Chinese theatre that is teeming with so many local operas. While the Peking Opera commands a national following, the various provinces have their own operas. These include the Yuju Opera of Henan Province, the Huangmei Opera of Anhui Prince, the Shaoxing Opera of Zhejiang Province, the Cantonese Opera of Guangdong Province, the Jinju Opera of Shanxi Province, the Chuanju Opera of Sichuan Province, the Hanju Opera of Hubei Province, the Pingtan of Jiangsu Province, the Huju Opera of Shanghai, the Xiangju Opera of Hunan Province, the Ganju Opera of Jiangxi Province, the Minju Opera of Fujian Province, the Luju Opera of Shandong Province, the Pingju Opera popular in Beijing and many other north cities, the Qinqiang Opera of Shaanxi Province, and the Guiju Opera of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
While the Peking pear is representative of the Chinese theatre, the operas of various localities are loved by locals and tourists alike for their unique artistic appeal and folklores aura.

Chinese Music & Dance
Traditional Chinese music figures prominently on the world musical scene. There are numerous traditional Chinese musical instruments, such as Bianzhong (Bell Chimes), Zheng (ziter-like plucked instrument with 21 or 25 strings), Xun (egg-shaped holed wind instrument) and Erhu (Chinese violin), which never fail to mesmerize the listener with tones ranging from the wistful to the melodious. The Chinese of various ethnic backgrounds are born singers and dancers. Local operas and folk singing and dancing are a must for any visitor to this country.

Chinese Acrobatics & Wushu
China is a world renowned land of acrobatics and martial arts. There are many top-notch acrobatic troupes, including the China Acrobatics Troupe, the Beijing Acrobatics Troupe and the Sichuan Acrobatics Troupe. Wuqiao County, in Hebei Province, is the venue of an annual international acrobatic festival. Chinese acrobats have developed an endless number of stunts which have own many awards in international competitions. Chinese Wushu (martial arts) is so prestigious on the global scene that Zhengzhou, Henan Province has become the Mecca for Wushu lovers who congregate there for an annual international Wushu festival. Every morning street corners and public parks are thronged with people practicing Chinese martial arts.

Chinese Festival & Folklore
Festivals are another branch of Chinese cultural heritage. Ethnic groups in this country observe their own festivals, and each ethnic festival holds forth the charms of a storied and poetical tradition. Major festivals include the Spring Festival (1st day of 1st lunar month), Lantern Festival (15th day of 1st lunar month), Dragon Boat Festival (5th Day of 5th lunar month) and Mid-Autumn Festival (15th day of 8th lunar month). Major ethnic festival are ID AL-Fitr, ID AL-Kurban, and IDAI-Azha among Chinese Muslims; the Tibetan New Year, Sunning-the-Buddha Festival and Shoton Festival among Tibet People, the 3rd day of 3rd Month Festival Among the Zhuang People, the Nadam Fair among Mongols, the Water- Splashing Festival among the Dai People, and the Torch Festival among the Yi, Bai and Naxi Peoples. Recreation & Sports
Sophisticated recreational and sports facilities have found their way into China by ridding the burgeoning Chinese economy. Most of the nation's star-rated hotels are equipped with certain kinds of such facilities, including golf course, bowling alleys, sailing boats, and diving facilities. Nightclubs, recreational centers, Karaoke clubs, and ball rooms in major cities are favorite hideaways for tourists from various parts of the world.

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