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Tongli Water Town

Tongli, Suzhou
Tongli, Suzhou China
Tongli, Suzhou Jiangsu China
The Tongli Ancient Town, a town in Wujiang City, is situated by the Taihu Lake and in east of the Canal, 18 kilometers away from the Suzhou City and 80 kilometers to Shanghai. It is one of the six famous water towns in the south of the Yangtze River covering an area of 33 hectares. It is embraced by five lakes and divided into 7 islands, which are connected by 15 small rivers.

There has been more than 1000 years since the town was built in the Song Dynasty , and hundreds of gardens, temples and manor house as well as the celebrity's former residence house are left. The old town is famous for its beautiful bridges, clear water and special houses and known as the "the east Venice". With elegance natural scenery and rich cultural atmosphere, it was selected as the top 10 charming towns in china in 2005.

Briefly speaking, there are "three many" in the Tongli Town:
Firstly, many celebrities once live there, such as the famous poet Yeyin the Nansong Dynasty, painter Wangchong in the Ming Dynasty and so on. Second, many constructions built during the Ming and Qing Dynasty are left in this town, it is recorded that 38 manor houses and 47 temples were built in it from 1271 to 1911. Thirdly, there are many rivers and bridges. More than 40 ancient bridges of different dynasties are preserved, such as the Siben Bridge in the Nansong Dynasty and Gaoguan Bridge in the Yuan Dynasty.

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