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Zhujiajiao, Shanghai
Zhujiajiao, China Shanghai
Zhujiajiao in Shanghai
Zhujiajiao in Shanghai city

Zhujiajiao is a typical water ancient town located in the Qingpu District of Shanghai. The population in Zhujiajiao is around 66,000 so that it is called the largest town in Shanghai. On the outskirt of Shanghai, it was formed about 1,700 years ago. According to historical document, there existed country fairs in the Song and Yuan dynasties and Zhujiajiao was established as a town in Ming Dynasty. Covering the area of 47 square kilometers, Zhujiajiao houses thousands of buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties with a river flowing through. Endowed with a graceful name of "Pearl Stream", Zhujiajiao is best preserved compared with other water towns in Shanghai.

Zhujiajiao enjoys the reputation of Shanghai's Venice. Its beauty lies in not only the beautiful landscape but also unsophisticated local people who live their life with traditional lifestyle.

Ancient Streets
There are nine old streets stretching along the river. On the other side of streets stand ancient residential houses and shops. North Street is the best preserved ancient street in Shanghai. On this one-kilometer-long street have historical buildings and long established shops. The narrow lanes to other places may provoke your curiosity to explore.

Fangsheng Bridge
There are 36 ancient bridges with different sizes, shapes and styles which connected the old town. Among them, Fangsheng Bridge in the landmark of the town. Constructed in the middle Qing Dynasty (1636AD-1912AD), it is the largest, tallest and longest stone bridge with five bridge arches. On the surface of bridges carved 8 coiling vivid dragons. There are 4 lifelike stone lions on the top of the bridge. Standing on the bridge, you can get a panoramic view of the whole ancient town.

City God Temple
City God Temple, a Taoist temple, is located in the center of the town. With its simple but elegant buildings, there is a stage inside temple to give opera performance.

Post Office of Qing Dynasty
Post Office of Qing Dynasty was an official body introduced from the Western Europe. It is the only well-preserved site of post offices of Qing dynasty in Shanghai. It is now opened to the public.

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