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Home >> China City Guide >> Shanghai >> Jade Buddha Temple sightseeing information

Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple, ShanghaiLocated at Anyuan Road it was built in the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty and has now seen a history of over 1000 years. The name of the temple is derived from the two jade Buddha in the temple; The Jade Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple in Shanghai, China. It is an active Chan (Zen) Buddhist monastery but thereal emphasis is squarely on tourism.

Jade Buddha Temple was founded in 1882 with two jade Buddha statues imported to Shanghai from Burma by sea, a seated Buddha (1.95 metrestall, 3 tonnes), and a smaller reclining Buddha. The temple now also contains a much larger reclining Jade Buddha, donated from Singapore, and visitors sometimes mistake this larger sculpture for the original, smaller piece. During the period of Emperor Guangxu's reign a monk named Huigen went from Puto Mountain to worship the Buddha in India and on his way back, he traversing through Myanmar, brought five statues, big and small, of jade Buddha back to China. In 1882, the eighth year in the reign of Guangxu he left two of the Sakyamuni statues in Shanghai when passing by and with his a temple was first built at Jiangwan, naming it the Jade Buddha Temple.

Jade Buddha Temple in ShanghaiThe temple imitated the palatial buildings of the Song Dynasty. The first row is the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the second the Mahavira Hall and the third the abbot hall, above which is the hall for the Jade Buddha. Sitting in the shrine at the center is that Jade Buddha and on both sides of the hall are kept the Tripitaka Sutra in full text, which, published in the reign of Emperor Qianlong, consists of 7,000 volumes in total. The rest halls in the temple include the Meditation Hall, Vegetarian Canteen, Recumbent-Buddha Hall, Hall of Charity and Virtue, Bronze Buddha Hall and Hall of Goddess of Mercy and some other halls and abodes for visitors. The Chamber of Four Heavenly Kings contains a laughing Maitreya, a Wei-to Boddhisattva and the Four Heavenly Kings, who represent favorable circumstance. The chamber is located on the southern-edge, or 'front' of the temple. The Jade Buddha Temple is a temple with magnificent building and matchless Jade Buddha, a renowned Buddhist temple in Shanghai.

The Jade Buddha Temple is a good place to go whether you are a Buddhist or not, you can enjoy the peaceful and transcendent atmosphere here in the busy modern society.

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