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Home >> China City Guide >> Yunnan Province >> Kunming >> Green Lake Park sightseeing guide

Green Lake Park (Cuihu Park)

Green Lake Park
Green Lake Park
Green Lake Park

The Cuihu Park (Green Lake Park) is found on the western side of the Wuhua Mountain in Central District, Kunming.

The forms of green trees are mirrored in the lake, dying the water an emerald green. Beginning from the end of the Yuan Dynasty, one building was built ashore after another. The Cuihu Lake, called as a "Jade in Kunming", is divided onto four parts by two long dikes. And Cuihu Lake¡äs water is clear, bamboos are green in all seasons and willows are jade green in spring and summer.

All the year round the park is the venue of one sort of exhibition or another, and with its snug seclusion it is frequented by local residents who come here for a few hours of leisure. Also the Kunming people love wildlife and they are mingling in such harmony, it has added to the charms of the city.

In November and December every winter, huge flock of red-beaked gulls migrates here from Siberia. Around the park, there are also many excellent bars and restaurants. Since the park is the only one that stays open until 10pm, it is an ideal place for enjoying some Kunming nightlife. Of course, at any other time, the park is always worth a stroll.

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