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Home >> China City Guide >> Zhejiang Province >> Hangzhou >> China Silk Museum tourist information

China National Silk Museum

China National Silk Museum
China National Silk Museum, Hangzhou
China National Silk Museum, Hangzhou China

Situated at the foot of Yu Huang Mountain on southern bank of the West Lake in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China National Silk Museum is the first state-level museum specialized in silk exhibition as well as the largest silk museum in the world. It was opened to the public in 1992 with a building area of 8,000 square kilometers and a display area of 3,000 square kilometers. The main content of this museum is composed of the history and cultural of silk as well as the scientific principles of silk techniques. It covers eight exhibition halls, namely the Prelude Hall, Relics Hall, Folk Custom Hall, Silkworm Hall, Silk Manufacturing Hall, Weaving Hall, Dyeing Hall and Achievements Hall. Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin once described it as "Promoting the ancient silk culture, and exploiting a new Silk Road."Apart from these permanent exhibitions, there are also some temporary special exhibitions, five silk markets, canteen and tearoom. Therefore, to spend day in the museum for the deep explore of China's 5,000-year silk culture and its developmental achievements is an enjoyable experience.

Main Exhibition Halls
The museum displays the 5,000 years' history and culture of silk in China, revealing the brilliance of ancient Chinese people and the development of Chinese nation. Here are brief introductions of some main exhibition halls.

The Prelude Hall
When enter into the Prelude Hall, the most impressive thing must be Silkworm Twining Map of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), showing the history of silk and the manufacture of silk in China. This hall tells us that China is the earliest country that engaged in sericulture, filature and making clothes with silk.

Relics Hall
This hall reveals the development and traditional culture of Chinese silk by exhibiting relics from various districts of China, from north to south, west to east. In this hall, you can appreciate a piece of fragmentary brocade of Luo silk, which is regarded as the earliest silk has ever been discovered dating back 5,630 years.

Dyeing Hall and Weaving Hall
Dyeing Hall and Weaving Hall tells visitors the process of dyeing and weaving silk through models of dyeing and weaving tools, even some live demonstrations. It shows the marvelous techniques of making silk as well as the cultural connotation of different nationalities. In Dyeing Hall, visitors are welcome to participate in the activity and make silk crafts by themselves.China National Silk Museum is a perfect place for leisure and recreation with its modern facilities, elegant surroundings and profound culture. The museum itself is an educational base for both adults and children to learn more about silk history and culture.


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