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Home >> China City Guide >> Zhejiang Province >> Hangzhou >> Qiandaohu Lake tour guide

Qiandaohu Lake

Qiandaohu Lake, China
Qiandaohu Lake, Hangzhou China
Qiandaohu Lake

Qiandaohu Lake or Thousand Islets Lake, situated in Chun'an County of Zhejiang Province, is a man-made lake formed after completion of Xin'an River Hydroelectric Station. As the largest national park, Qiandaohu Lake takes an area of 982 square kilometers and is dotted with 1078 large island.
Nestled in green hills, Qiansao Island is famous for its clear and drinkable water. And Nongfu Spring, a famous brand of mineral water in China, uses the water in Qiandaohu Lake. As a AAAAA-rated tourist attraction in Hangzhou, Qiaodao Lake includes such popular attractions as Bird Island, Snake Island, Monkey Island, Lock Island, which makes Qiandaohu Lake receive more than 5 millions tourists from home and abroad every year.

The main attractions in Qiandaohu Lake Forest Park include:
Meifengguan Island is highest in elevation among all islands of Qiandaohu Lake. Sightseeing Platform is the best place to overlook about 300 islands around it. There are many beautiful sights on Meifengguan Island but "The Pine Greeting Guests" can be regarded the highlight.
Monkey Island is made up with more than ten islands with different size. As its name suggested, the island shelters numerous argute monkeys. There are stump-tailed and Rhesus monkeys which are led by Monkey King.
Covered with lush wood,
Peacock Island is the home of various types of peacocks including Pavo muticus, blue peafowl, the white peacock, etc. More than 400 peacocks are kept in Grand Park (pinyin: Da Guan Yuan) which is the best place to watch peacocks flaunting their tails.

Bird Island is the paradise of birds. Over 6000 birds of 50+ species from all over the world are raised on the island. All these birds are held in different parks according to their types. Stepping along the path, you will be lost in natural beauty totally. If you put some Terzebrio molitor on palm and stretch your arm, many birds will fly to you to peck. The mynahs say:" Bye-bye, welcome to come again" in Chinese before you leave the island.

Qishi Island (strange stone) collects numerous kinds of unique stones from across China. Among these stones stand out three of "four great stones" in China. These three stones are Taihu Stone, Lingbi Stone and diamond stone.

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