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Home >> China City Guide >> Zhejiang Province >> Hangzhou >> Lingyin Temple travel guide and tours

Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple
Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou
Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou China

Towering over the foot of the statuesque mountain of the same name, Lingyin Temple is a major ancient Buddhist sanctuary in the possession of a rich trove of cultural treasures. Construction of it began in 326, or the founding year of the Xianhe reign of the Eastern Jin. The buildings you see today are restorations made during the Qing dynasty.

Enshrined with 330 stone sculptures wrought during the Five Dynasties and the Song and Yuan dynasties, the Feilai Peak (Peak that Appears out of Nowhere) in front of the temple figures prominently in classical Chinese history of plastic art. The most impressive of these stone sculptures is a huge, fat "Laughing Buddha". In the Temples themselves are various gold statues of Buddha, posing in different positions and adopting a warrior stance. Behind the largest gold Buddha is a collection of delightful figures and deities, carved into a huge piece of wood. The Temple is filled with incredible statues and monuments to Buddha- laughing, standing and sitting!

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