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Home >> China City Guide >> Guangxi >> Guilin >> Seven Star Park sightseeing and tour

Seven Star Park

Flower Bridge in Guilin Seven Star Park
Camel Hill in Seven Star Park
Qixia Temple in Seven Star Park
Seven Star Cave

Seven Star Park is located at the eastern bank of Li River, about 1.5 kilometers from downtown of Guilin. It covers an area about 400,000 square kilometers and is known for seven towering peaks which resemble the form of Great Dipper constellation. It is the largest and the most visited comprehensive parks with mass sceneries like cave, mountain, rock, buildings, cultural relics, etc. The park can be considered as the epitome of Guilin mountains and rivers.

The main attractions in Seven Star Park contain Flower Bridge, Putuo Mountain, Camel Hill, Crescent Mountain, Guihai Stele Forest, Seven Star Cave.

Flower Bridge is the oldest bridge in Guilin. With length of 135 meters, it was built in Song Dynasty. In every spring and summer, the flowers on the side of bridge bloom, hence the name Flower Bridge.

Putuo Mountain was made up of Tianshu Peak, Tianxuan Peak, Tianji Peak and Tianquan Peak. Rising above the sea level 265 meters, the statue of Avalokiteshvara is enshrined on the mountain. Putuo Mountain contains various famous attractions like Seven Star Cave, Guanyin Cave, Putuo Pavillion. Putuo Mountain is also the place to house more than stone inscriptions among which 'åÐң¥' written by Yan Zhenqing (the most famous calligrapher in Tang Dynasty) is the most precious.

Camel Hill is located behind Putuo Mountain. It takes the shape of crouching camel, hence the name. During the late Ming Dynasty, a hermit lived here and planted the large number of peach trees. So the hill looks very beautiful in spring. Situated at the south of Putuo Mountain, the Crescent Hill gets its name from a new-moon shaped opening of a cave on the western slope of the hill. Walking along the winding path on the southwest hill, visitors can reach Panyue Pavillion where you can get a serene vista of Flower Bridge. Getting down the hill along the southern path, you can enter the Hidden Dragon Cave at the foot of the hill where you can see the natural formed stone cistern.

Guihai Stele Forest houses 220 stone inscriptions in different calligraphy styles with contents relating with economy, military matters, culture, customs and so on. The oldest inscriptions can be dated back to East Jin Dynasty (317AD-420AD). The stele forest thrived in Tang and Song dynasties and prospered in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Here also collects the rubbings of inscriptions from other rocks and mountains in Guilin. The most famous and precious among them is Map of the Seat of the Jingjiang Prefecture from Yingwu Mountain in north Guilin. This stone map is the largest one in China.

As the most largest and most splendid cave in Guilin, Seven Star Cave is a 5a tourist attraction in Guilin. With the length of 1,100 meters, the cave originally was an old subterranean river with history of about 1 million years. In the cave, the beautiful karst view like stalactite and stalagmite will feast tourists' eyes. It had been a tourist destination since Sui and Tang dynasties and was visited by famous men of letters, so over 120 stone steles were left behind.

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