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Home >> China City Guide >> Guangxi >> Guilin >> Folded Brocade Hill sightseeing information

Folded Brocade Hill

Folded Brocade Hill, Guilin travel China tour Guangxi trip
Folded Brocade Hill, Guilin tours China travel Guangxi trip

Diecai Hill, trending horizontally across a tiny corner of the northern part of Guilin city, is another area of imaginative scenes. Because of the resemblance of its rock formations, piled up layer upon layer on each other, to folded brocade, it is now also known as Folded Brocade Hill.

It consists of four small hills, Yuyue Hill, Siwang Hill (All-Direction-Looking Hill), Crane Peak and Bright Moon Peak surround Diecai Hill. The main peak is Bright Moon Peak with a height of 223 meters above sea level. The Wind Cave, located half way up the hill, is the main attraction in the Diecai Hill.

This cave looks like a gourd with its two spacious halls joined by a bottleneck passage through which air blows all the year round. Inscriptions of poets and other writings of various dynasties as well as statues, all 19 inches high, are carved into the walls of the cave. These are attributed to the Tang (618-908A.D) and Song (960-1280 A.D) Dynasties.

The highest peak of Diecai Hill, the Bright Moon Peak is only 223 meters (732 feet) tall and comparatively easy to climb. Climbing more than 200 steps from the cave, one reaches the summit and gets a birds-eye-view of the whole city.

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