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Home >> China City Guide >> Guangdong Province >> Guangzhou >> Zhenhai Tower

Zhenhai Tower

Zhenhai Tower, Guangzhou tours China travel Guangdong tourZhenhai Tower was built in 1380. It is also named five-storied tower because of its five-storied structure. In front of the tower are inscriptions from various dynasties, and on the right side are 12 ancient cannons. Zhenhai Tower stands proudly on Yuexiu Hill, built on top of the last remaining section of Guangzhou's City Walls. At a height of 28 meters, it is also known as Five Storey Tower or Five Storey Pagoda (presumably because it has five storeys) and was first built in 1380 by the orders of nobleman Zhu Liangzu. Zhu apparently built the tower as an expression of his power and these days it seems about the only thing for which he is remembered. Since his day, Zhenhai Tower has been destroyed and rebuilt five times and was also occupied by French and British soldiers during the First Opium War. Just outside the tower are a collection of cannons from this period.

It was turned into Guangzhou Municipal Museum in 1929, displaying the cultural relics of Guangzhou of different dynasties, which went through more than 2000 years. In 1950, it changed its name into Guangzhou Museum.

There is a horizontal inscribed board reading ¡°Zhenhai Tower¡± hanging on the top of the tower, and a couplet at both sides of the tower: ¡°thousands of disasters, tower remains, who reaches sky and stars, loftily stands; five hundred years, hero dies, now here am I, tears pass¡±.

However, if you visit the tower now, you will find that the city walls have been removed. ¨C Zhenhai Tower in Guangzhou wad built in the architectural style of the Ming ¨C This red tower still has cannons used by the British during the Opium Wars ¨C You will find accounts of Guangzhou from Neolithic times till the early 20th century in Guangzhou Museum,.- History of the last 60 years says that the tower was destroyed five times and reconstructed after the ruins. Zhenhai Tower is good reputed for its magnificence as one of the eight attractions in Guangzhou.

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