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Home >> China City Guide >> Guangdong Province >> Guangzhou >> Western Han Nanyue King Tomb tourist guide

Western Han Nanyue King Tomb Museum

Western Han Nanyue King Tomb, Guangzhou tours China travel Guangdong tour
Western Han Nanyue King Tomb, Guangzhou tour China travel Guangdong trip

The Western Han Dynasty Nanyue King Mausoleum Museum is the oldest and largest tomb of Han Dynasty. Nanyue King Mausoleum Museum features the most funerary objects in Lingnan Area. As a famous tomb museum, it covers 14,000 square meters and boasts 10 exhibition halls. The owner of the tomb is the second king of Nanyue State of the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-24 A.D.). Slept 20 meters underground, the king is companied with over 1,000 pieces of cultural relics, bronze ware and terra cotta ware in particular. Every pieces feature the Yue Culture of south China (Nanyue Culture).

Highlighting the The Western Han Dynasty Nanyue King Mausoleum Museum is a silk-jade garment made by 2,291 pieces of jade. Though pieces of jade are connected by gold, silver, or copper are not uncommon, this silk-jade garment connected by silk is the only one of its kind in the world. This silk-sewn-jade garment in the Nanyue King Mausoleum Museum shows the early development of jade as well as development of the Nanyue culture.

Besides, three sets of bronze serial bells, thirty-six bronze mirrors, thirty-six bronze vessels and three gold seals shows a glimpse of the ancient Nanyue culture.

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