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Home >> China City Guide >> Shanxi Province >> Datong >> Shanhuasi Monastery

Shanhuasi Monastery

Shanhuasi Monastery, Datong tour China travel Shanxi tours
Shanhuasi Monastery, Datong travel China tour Shanxi tours
Shanhuasi Monastery, Datong tours China travel Shanxi tour

Located south of the Nine-Dragon Screen, Shanhuasi Monastery was first built in A.D. 713-741 during the Tang Dynasty. Destroyed in war, it was rebuilt in A.D. 1128-1143 during the Kin Dynasty, although the Grand Hall was a structure left over from the Liao Dynasty. The entire monastery is a well-proportioned, well-preserved complex. It contains more than thirty Buddhist statues sculptured during the Liao and Kin dynasties, the most noteworthy being covered in gold leaf.

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