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Home >> China City Guide >> Shanxi Province >> Datong >> Huayan Monastery
Huayan Monastery

Huayan Monastery, Datong tour China travel Shanxi tours
Huayan Monastery, Datong travel China tour Shanxi tours
Huayan Monastery, Datong tours China travel Shanxi tour

Located within the city's Ximen (western gate), the monastery has a spacious Daxiongbaodian (the Hall of Sakyamuni) built in the Liao Dynasty (916-1125). The hall, covering 1,559 square metres, is China's biggest Buddhist shrine-hall. There are five statues of Buddhas and 20 statues of lokapalas in the hall. In the monastery's Hall for Keeping Bhagavan Scriptures, there are 31 lifelike sculptures of the Liao Dynasty and 38 scripture-keeping cases standing around the hall in several storeys. On the back of the hall also hangs the peculiarly built Celestial Pavilion.

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