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Chengde Outer Eight Temples

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outer Eight Temples, Chengde tours China travel Hebei tour
outer Eight Temples, Chengde tours China travel Hebei tour
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Outside the surrounding wall of the Mountain Resort of Chengde in Hebei Province, lies an orderly array of eight brilliant and golden temples. Located east of the Wulie River are the Puren Temple, the Pule Temple and the Anyuan Temple. To their north and at the foot of the cliff is the Puning Temple. North of the Mountain Resort are the Xumifushouzhi Temple, the Putuozongchengzhi Temple and the Shuxiang Temple. These temples are arrayed around the Mountain Resort on the eastern and northern sides just like stars surrounding the moon in a semicircle.

The formation of the Eight Outer Temples around the Mountain Resort is our miniature motherland. Replicas of the Sanmoye Temple by the bank of the Yalutsangpo River, the Putala Palace in the upper Tibet, the Jashilumbu Monastery in the lower Tibet, and the Guerzha Temple in Yili, representative of China's southwest and northwest border areas, have appeared here. Shuxiang Temple on the Wutai Mountain, and the Hall of Arhats in the Anguo Temple in Haining County, represent Northern and Southern China. These Temples in Tibetan, Mongolian as well as the Han architectural styles, are not just a simple imitation, but a new creation. For example, the Dacheng Tower of the Puning Temple is an imitation of the main hall of the Sanmoye Temple with the upper story in Indian style, middle story in the style of inland China and lower story in Tibetan style. However, the imitated Dacheng Tower here is all in the style of inland China, except the two sides of the lower story which retain a little characteristics of a Tibetan blockhouse, and the five upturned corner roofs of Sanmoye style. The Xumifushouzhi Temple differs greatly from the Jashilumbu Monastery, but its red platform, gilded cupola and the shape are very much in the style of the Monastery.

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