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Mulan Hunting Ground

Mulan Hunting Ground, Chengde travel China tour Hebei tours
Mulan Hunting Ground, Chengde tours China travel Hebei tour
Mulan Hunting Ground, Chengde tour China travel Hebei trip
Mulan Hunting Ground, Chengde tours China travel Hebei trip

Mulan Weichang was built in the 20th year of Emperor Kangxi's reign (1681). The three emperors of Kangxi, Qianlong and Jiaqing all held hunting activity here every autumn, which was made a rule for the imperial family. Autumn hunting at Mulan was a large-scale hunting activity and military maneuver aimed to enhance the military quality and fighting capacity of the imperial kinsmen and the Eight Banner soldiers. It also provided a place for the emperor to exercise his conciliation policy to the minority nationalities. The political, military and economic measures carried out during the inspection tour of the emperor to the northern areas were objectively significant to the development of the Mongolian economy, consolidation of the nation unity, strengthening the relations between the local and the central governments, and safeguarding the unification of the country. 

The building of the Mountain Resort was closely related to the Mulan autumn hunting. Each time the emperor inspected the north and hunted at Mulan, he would stay for three to five months in those places beyond the Great Wall, which meant a great deal of materials were needed for the military and daily life of the huge troops with him. A large temporary palace for the emperor, more emperor, more important a material supplier center, was thereby built. It was also a place for the emperor to have relaxation, handle state affairs and hold for the Manchu and Mongolian nobles to escape the summer heat and the infectious disease of smallpox.

Saihanba in the Mulan scenic area has majestic mountains, gorgeous scenery and delightful weather. It boasts plenty of water, lush grass, flocks of birds and packs of beasts, an ideal place for hunting. In here, there are flowers in full bloom brilliant as brocade in spring; a boundless stretch of lush grassland in summer; a riot of color all over the maintains and plains in autumn; and a white world covered with silver snow in winter. The Mulan Weichang has become a tourist destination, attracting visitors from all parts of the world with its special charms.

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