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Home >> Incense Hill

Incense Hill

Incense HillIncense Hill located in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province in Bin territory, because beautiful legends named. 4 km from east to west, north-south width of 3 km, with a total area of 1136 ha, the actual area of 20,000 acres. Peak elevation of 790 meters, with an average altitude of 300-500 meters. Four distinct seasons, fertile soil.

Forest coverage rate of 98%, forest reserves amounted to 17,000 cubic meters or more. After Tacha plants, mainly pine trees northeast, oak, linden tree, more than 10 species are distributed in the mountains censer, more Ussuri Carex Thalictrum dozens of grass and other vegetation, but also the string to long, Acanthopanax, Schisandra, 11 kinds of medicinal herb grown, there has been found wolf, fox and other wildlife, can be called Million tree Hill, herbs and zoo. In addition Incense Hill also abundant water resources. 1998 by the Provincial Forestry Department approved as a provincial forest park, is to declare a national forest park.

Incense Hill It is an admirable revolutionary mountain. Climb Shang Zhifeng, Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army fighting the Japanese positions faintly visible; boarded the get out ridge, mottled shell tells fierce fighting, beat back the enemy scenes; into the cave, ear echoing roasted chest warm, the wind behind the cold, the anti campfire camping military songs. Hear Wang Fu River That murmur as if to tell the story of the Anti-Japanese TV drama beautiful plaintive. Yamashita also still alive in the 80-year-old anti-Union soldier, witnessed the resistance fighting in the mountains and then the period of glorious history. Incense Hill will undoubtedly become vivid patriotic education classroom. It is a legendary mystical mountain. Hillside, trees and flowers in the gardens and magnificent temples. In Tuantuan stream against the background scenery alone show even more elegant quiet Xiangshan Temple sits this.

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